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       The Connoisseurs is a nationally recognized cocktail, hospitality, marketing, and design firm started by Can Kizilca in 2014


what we do

We organize events, do event production, craft cocktail catering, bar & restaurant design.

Basically everything you need in quality hospitality, bar ownership, philanthropy and damn good cocktails.


The Stirr, a kick ass, well made, no bullshit, neighborhood cocktail bar.


Cocktail Program Consulting

Recipe Creation

Restaurant Consulting

Brand Representation


Flavor Development

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the stirr bar

The Stirr is a Speakeasy Cocktail bar in Rotterdam and has been established by Can Kizilca in year 2015.


The concept focuses truly on high-class cocktails combined with great service. The team of enthusiastic young bartenders represent this through their passion for cocktails, taste and hospitality.


The rough and dark design creates a fantastic atmosphere and welcomes everyone who is in for a good drink. The fact that one has to enter the place through a small door which will lead two floors up through a narrow staircase gives The Stirr a secret touch, hidden in the heart of the city.

The Team of The Connoisseurs consists of five creative heads who are dedicated to improve the Art of Hospitality. Working together since many years, they are a perfect blend to the craft called Cocktails. With successful projects in the past they have managed to create a place for their own where they can fully enhance their knowledge – A place where you can see the Captain behind the wheel. Concerning the Strategy and Marketing as well as Consultancy and Hospitality,


in The Connoisseurs we trust.